Thank You Moms!

A mother's role is supreme in the shaping of us all.  Long after we are grown, even, and long after they are gone, still - they inform who we are in ways even we can't sometimes fully understand and appreciate.  For all they do - the big things and the little things - they deserve our unconditional respect, not just today but every day!  Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful and strong women out there who have shaped life!


A Warm Winter Day

A warm winter, like the one we've just come through is quite concerning to us both.  But one thing that it is quite good for, is outdoor portraits with little ones that we otherwise couldn't suggest!  Here are a few from a shoot we did a few months back with a wonderful family whom we adore.  We set up our lights in a few different locations in a local park and had a lot of fun working with this lovely family.  Even the dog was enjoying the camera, much to everyone's delight!