Thank You Moms!

A mother's role is supreme in the shaping of us all.  Long after we are grown, even, and long after they are gone, still - they inform who we are in ways even we can't sometimes fully understand and appreciate.  For all they do - the big things and the little things - they deserve our unconditional respect, not just today but every day!  Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful and strong women out there who have shaped life!


A Warm Winter Day

A warm winter, like the one we've just come through is quite concerning to us both.  But one thing that it is quite good for, is outdoor portraits with little ones that we otherwise couldn't suggest!  Here are a few from a shoot we did a few months back with a wonderful family whom we adore.  We set up our lights in a few different locations in a local park and had a lot of fun working with this lovely family.  Even the dog was enjoying the camera, much to everyone's delight!

The Annual Refresh

There is a wonderful local artist with a studio right in our own neighborhood, who Jessamyn has had the privilege of working with for nearly a decade now.  Every year we get together and update the record with all his artwork from the previous year.  He uses the digital files we deliver to share with curators and interested collectors.  His work is impressive ... intriguing and a bit mysterious - which makes us love photographing it even more. We can enjoy it and study it further as the files are processed into replicas of their originals, clean digital documents of the time, talent and vision he lends to all his artwork!

Artist's Portraits

We had a great time yesterday working with an extremely talented artist with studios in the Boston and San Francisco areas.  As she prepares for an upcoming rolling exhibition which will feature some of her stunning oil paintings along with artwork from a few other artists, she requested updated portraits to use in the press kit for these shows.  We had a wonderful time working with her in a variety of different spaces within her studio and her home!

Kicking it off on the farm...

So here we are in 2016 and we're rolling out our brand new joint venture - Small Circle Studio.  We are photographers, so what better way to introduce ourselves than with a few photos?  To kick off the new biz, we headed out to Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds for some updated portraits and a fun day on the farm with our talented friend and colleague Angela Klempner ... and some chickens and some bunnies!

Andrew wins the prize for best portraits with dried up kale plants AND chickens - hands down.  Check these out!  

So now that we have the visuals, here's the short version of the story that brings us to where we are and what we’re doing today.  Andrew and I were both working for a local camera store after college.  We were fast friends, bonded through our shared passion for things like photography, travel, live music, winter sports and dogs.  Time went by, and the friendship sparked something more.  There was a simple country wedding down a small dirt road in rural Vermont in 2012.  Followed by a honeymoon to New Zealand's south island in 2013!  Now in 2016, on the tenth anniversary of Jessamyn's solo business, we're launching the long desired joint venture.  We so sincerely hope that you will follow along the journey we are embarking on and let us be of service to you in the near future.  We can't wait to hear your story!