Printing is becoming a bit of a lost art form and Small Circle Studio is fighting against the trend!   People are taking photos more than ever, but they’re nearly all digital files with very few tangible prints being produced. By now we know that digital never means safe, yet millions of memories are currently being entrusted to servers, clouds and phones. The risk could be felt by our entire generation, as we grow up without a printed, photographic record of our lives. The most photographed generation of all time could wind up being the next Lost Generation. 

So - to do our part - not only do we print all of our own work, we would love to print yours as well!  We take great pride in creating beautiful prints from your digital scans and files, using state of the art wide format Epson and Canon printers and archival ink to deliver results that will please even the most discerning of photographers and artists.  We are committed to offering excellent customer service and superior quality prints.

Upload a file today and give us a try!  Should you have any trouble, just give us a call at (617) 553.1510 or shoot us an email at

Need samples of the papers we offer?  Let us know!  We can send this out for a small shipping and handling charge.

Need to share a screen with us and look at what you have to get feedback on what will be the best presentation?  Let's make an appointment to go through it together, we are happy to help!  



Standard Papers:
InkPress Luster, 240gsm
Ilford Smooth Gloss, 310gsm
Ilford Gallerie Prestige Fine Art Smooth, 200gsm

Premium Papers:
Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Silk, 310gsm
Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl, 310gsm
InkPress Warmtone Matte, 300gsm
Moab Entrada Rag Bright, 300gsm
InkPress Glossy Canvas


Standard Luster & Glossy

8×12  |  11×14  |  12×18  |  16×24  |  20×30  |  24×36
$22      $26       $35        $45        $50         $60

Standard Matte

8×12  |  11×14  |  12×18  |  16×24  |  20×30  |  24×36
$32       $36      $45        $55         $60         $70  

Premium Luster & Glossy

8×12  |  11×14  |  12×18  |  16×24  |  20×30  |  24×36
$32       $36       $45        $55        $60          $70

Premium Fine Art Matte

8×12  |  11×14  |  12×18  |  16×24  |  20×30  |  24×36
$42       $46       $55        $65        $70          $80

Premium Stretched Canvas, 2” Frame

8×12  |  11×14  |  12×18  |  16×24  |  20×30
$95       $125      $175      $250       $350

Please call for a custom quote on prints longer than 36" in the longest dimension.  We are unable to print anything taller than 24" tall in the shortest dimension currently.

A shipping and handling fee will be added to all orders according to size of order and specified
shipping address.

Turnaround time on most orders is 5-7 business days for production before shipment.  Let us know if you need expedited service!   Local pick up is welcomed and encouraged.  We are located in Framingham, MA.

Shipment may be delayed until payment is received in full.